Plus Size Casual Clothing

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Fast fashion, as you’re well aware, is the devil. Startups eager to snatch dollars dropped by customers looking to spend their money elsewhere have recognized this fact. Brands like Everlane and Reformation are startups looking to disrupt clothing for everyone—but they’re leaving plus-size customers in the dust, as Amanda Mull writes in Racked.

Many of the CEOs Mull spoke to urged patience for plus-size customers eager to spend their money on aggressively basic cashmere sweaters and floral dresses meant to be worn sans brassiere. Everlane, for example, refused to answer Mull in person, but instead forwarded a statement, saying “We need to launch plus as a separate brand with new fits, new models and new fabrics to ensure that the styles fit and look great. As we gain scale and get new customers, we will be able to focus our energy on launching this line.”

This excuse, Mull writes, points to a distressing attitude held by many clothing manufacturers and brands who are now finally starting to address the cries of consumers who just want to wear plain sweaters and quietly fashionable jeans like the rest of the world: “Women over a certain size are always a burden, never a priority. They’re expected to wait while others are served first.” Bra companies like True & Co purport to be the one solution for a wide variety of bodies, but when pressed as to why they only offer up to a 38DD, they offered an explanation similar to that of Everlane’s: it takes time and careful consideration to craft clothes for larger bodies, so please be patient.

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